Are Massage Chairs Worth Investing in in Offices?

Massage chairs are known to relieve fatigue and stress. The most common place where people usually get tired out and stressed is the workplace, especially the jobs done behind desks. To counter the nuances of a desk job, massage chairs might play an important role in offices to motivate staff and improve productivity. But, as always, it has both advantages and as well as disadvantages.


Governments around the globe should mandate employers to procure certain percent of massage chairs to alleviate the office oriented stress levels. Ideally, it should be a part of office supply infrastructure.

1.They relieve tension, stress and fatigue. Employees who have stringent time lines and long work hours can benefit from these in being more productive 분당오피 and have a balanced life outside office.

2.Many offices work round the clock and massage chairs help make the employees feel as though they’re actually at home, relax and go ahead with their work effortlessly. This will definitely offer a better working environment.

3.Massage chairs are the best possible way to spend the recess time effectively and usefully at offices. It is a healthy option too rather than sitting in cafeterias.


1.Many people may find it as a means of escapism to get off their office work.

2.People without knowing the proper benefits may continue to use them on and on, thereby leaving the office work in a slag.

3.Massaging is usually termed as an addiction. Many people tend to get addicted to it and hence may get diverted from doing stuff for which they were hired in the first place.

Office management should strike an optimum balance between the pros and cons and ensure that employees, projects and clients get benefited from their decisions.